Still Alive and Kicking

Yes, we are still here! Sorry for those of you who checked in frequently when we were on our trip and now it’s like we’ve fallen off the face of the earth. I really do have USS Midway, Sea World, and San Diego pics to share as well as our Amtrak ride home.

Right after getting home (well 48 hours after), Ron and I flew to New York, bought a 1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible and proceeded to spend the next 5 days driving it home. If we weren’t driving we were zonked out in the hotel catching a few Z’s before heading back on the road again.

And I’m sure you can imagine how busy it gets once school starts up again. I wasn’t in my classroom all summer so Monday was my first day back in. It’s hard to even do the stuff around the house that I know needs to be done when I feel like I need to be up in my classroom every available second. It’s time for that balancing act again.

And if that wasn’t enough, I had my lasik surgery today. It went well and while my eyes are still a bit “filmy” (as they are supposed to be this first day) I can actually see like if I had my glasses on or contacts in!

So, I am sorry that I haven’t updated. I promise to take time to post some pictures to share our adventures.


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