First Day of 1st Grade

P1010324Hi everyone,

I am back again!! I finally was able to wrestle the computer out of Mom’s hands. Do you know hard that was to do? I think she was used to telling everyone all about our summer, and you know how she can talk and talk and talk to total strangers and tell them our life story, so I think this was pretty difficult for her to give it up.

In case you didn’t already know, I have officially started 1st grade. Yes, I am finally in a numbered grade. When I met my kindergarten teacher at the open house on Monday I told her straight out that I was glad to be going into a real grade this year. Dad tried to laughingly convince me that kindergarten is a real grade but I know it isn’t because it doesn’t have a number next to it. And if it did it would be a big, fat 0.

Yesterday, my first day, was an early release so they kind of broke us kids who aren’t used to a full day in kind of slowly. I convinced Dad that it wasn’t going to rain so he could take me to school in the Dart. He obliged my wishes, especially since school is only a half mile away.P1010328Today though they took the brakes off and we jumped right in. When Mom and Dad picked me up from school they could tell that I was pretty tired. I think my eyes may have been a little dull, my face a little flushed, and there wasn’t a lot of spring in my step. Plenty of words though, so that area wasn’t lacking. And I even produced something from my first day: a rocket I turned into a kite.P1010342I’m really excited for this year! Some of my friend’s from last year are in my class and I am so excited to learn to read by myself. Hopefully Mom and Dad will also transition to me going to school all day long and remember to pack me a lunch every day this year and pick me up at the end of the school day. After having the summer off it is definitely a challenge to get back into the routine.

Until next time . . .


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