Animal Math

Hi everyone,

I guess it’s show and tell time. Mom wanted me to share with you a math paper that I did in my first week of school. I think she was pretty proud that I didn’t just slap out some animals but I took the time and effort to add some details. I drew a “giraffe laying down, a lion with a fluffy mane, and three penguins” to show the number that I circled. I love it when math gives me a chance to be creative.IMG_8717Speaking of creative . . . Dad and I put together a bunch of my lego creations. They are all vehicles, of course, so no animals here, but it sure was fun spending a few hours working side by side with Dad.IMG_8718Until next time . . . (and I already have some posts ready to go so if you check back in a few days I promise I will finish up our California Adventure posts for Mom since she is so busy with the beginning of the school year)

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