USS Midway

Hi everyone,

I have another obsession. Aircraft carriers. Yep, one of the biggest ships in the world and I want one. Maybe not a full size one, but I’d take a model in a heart beat. And if it was remote control that would be even better.

When we got into San Diego we found out that the USS Midway was docked there and people can go on a tour of the ship. We got there about noon and spent about 5 hours touring the ship. Five hours and we still didn’t see it all.003004008014 012 017 019020023I was so tired by the end that I was ready to get off the ship. I still want one, but I don’t think I want to live on a real one. (And one little aside: while we were eating at the restaurant on the stern, Mom got pooped on by a pigeon! Can you believe it? This was the third time she had been pooped on during our trip down the coast. Can you believe that?)

Until next time . . .

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