Sea World

Hi everyone,

Another place we went in San Diego was Sea World! This was the first time I had been there, of course, but it was also Mom and Dad’s first time too.

I was kind of surprised at what was there. I was expecting animals and animal shows, I wasn’t expecting amusement park rides.

The killer whales were amazing! We got there too late to sit in the splash zone but that’s okay because the people who did got super, super, super wet!012 001 005

Do you see the baby orca with its momma in the picture below? So, so cute!014041024058 051

Don’t ask me how I can go from the picture above to the picture below. I’m really not saying that if you eat there you’ll end up like a walrus. It’s just that on our way biking home from Sea World we finally stopped at In-N-Out. We managed to stay away from them our whole trip down the coast and the days we were in San Diego so this was our one and only visit before we headed home.059Until next time . . .


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