San Diego Zoo

Hi everyone,

Do you remember when I told you that we saw a really, really, really long line of people waiting to have breakfast at a restaurant in San Diego? It was Richard Walker’s Famous Pancake House and there were at least 80 people standing in line outside on a Sunday morning. We decided that we would eat at a bagel place across the street that morning but before we left town we would have to go there.

We went on a Tuesday and I can say that the lines were much, much, much shorter. Like, hardly there at all. You can see that Mom and Dad got two versions of the oven baked pancake, one is apple and the other is cinnamon and pecan. I got regular old pancakes topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. Well, they weren’t regular old pancakes, they were more like monster pancakes.004After our pancake breakfast we finished our bus ride to the zoo. San Diego Zoo was awesome! I thought it was bigger and better than the zoos at home, and it had a bus that you could ride around the park and a sky tram you could take from one side to the other. Awesome!

We thought the flamingos were pretty neat. Every flamingo seemed to be in a different position that looked super crazy! Some were awake, some sleeping, and the babies were so cute and fuzzy.010 017 012013015

Animals, animals, so many animals!


Long, long, long neck!


Hippos in the water, hippos on land.


Look at those long, skinny arms!


Hairy baby tucked under mom.


Look at those alligator claws!


Fresh meat!


An undiscovered species of cat. A pretty cute one too!


Look at those teeth!


Cuddly, sweet, sleepy lions.


Old, old, old – 150 years old!


Mama panda ripping into her bamboo lunch.


Baby panda wandering while mama eats.


Look at that skin!

Until next time . . .


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