Cross Country Road Trip

Hi everyone,

I bet you can figure out that if I didn’t get to go to New York to get the car then I probably also didn’t take a cross country road trip to drive the car home. What you will see in the pictures to follow are basically Mom and Dad, and as a caveat to console my bruised ego they took Magnetic in my place. I think I would have enjoyed the trip but I guess I’ll never know (or at least not any time soon).


Staten Island bridge upon approach.


Driving under the bridge towers.

Mom and Dad told me they were shocked by all of the tolls on the roads driving back home. We don’t have many toll roads or bridges out here so it was a quite a shock to keep shelling out money to pass ‘go’.


The first of many tolls (New York).


The second set of toll booths (New Jersey).


Another toll . . . (Pennsylvania).


The dreaded construction traffic. They took this one just for me! See there I am (in the form of Magnetic) and there is a Maersk trailer on a truck.


Almost looks like the Northern Lights, doesn’t it (or at least what I would imagine them to maybe look like)? It’s really the sign saying “Welcome to Ohio”.


Another one just for me – a three trailer Fed Ex!


Magnetic passing the time at another toll.


The Chicago skyline – funny note: The GPS had Mom and Dad get off and go through the city instead of staying on the interstate. Not sure why it did that but they were able to see a bit of downtown Chicago.


Pizza, pizza, pizza. Pizza in New York. Pizza in Chicago. What’s up with pizza?


I guess Mom and Dad really did think about me while we were separated by all those miles. I thought this was pretty funny when they showed me the little Tonka dump truck strapped to the back of the big flat bed trailer!


Stopping for lunch with family. I hope Auntie Mel doesn’t mind me posting her picture with Dad.


A fairly small wild fire in Montana but it sure had a lot of smoke.


I wish I could have seen that helicopter dumping water!


Hey, I’m in this one!

I can’t believe that 3,000 more miles were added to the Dart’s odometer in between buying it and just 5 short days later. I was pretty excited to see it and to ride in it. It has taken a bit of getting used to though. Mom and Dad have now added a jacket and a blanket to the trunk because I typically get the full force of the wind and none of the heat. It’s still pretty cool, though (literally and figuratively)!

Until next time . . . (when I think we might actually be caught up to real life)

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