Farm Tour Time

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again! Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I begged Mom to bring up our Fall decorations even though we couldn’t decorate our porch quite yet. It’s festive enough just to have everything adorning our furniture inside the house, so I’ll be excited when we can actually go get our pumpkins.

The first weekend in October always brings the farm tours through our valley. It’s a lot of fun to go into the local farms and tour them. Free ice cream and treats don’t hurt either. Sunny fall days are even better, especially now that we have the Dart.P1010388We were limited on the number of farms that we were able to visit this year. Dad’s suggestion was that each of us pick a farm and then we could have a “family” farm agreed upon by all of us.

The first farm, and Dad’s pick, was the dairy farm we ALWAYS go to. This is where we get the free ice cream, and we get to see newborn calves, and we get to milk fake cows, and we get to see momma cows, and we sometimes get to go on a tractor hay ride. We bypassed the hay ride this year but we did all the other usual stuff.P1010397 P1010390 P1010392 P1010396My choice was the next farm we visited. It was quite a way up the highway at the foothills of the mountains. I really wanted to go there because they had Clydesdales and miniature horses and a hay ride and a museum showing old farm equipment. It was beautiful up there.P1010404P1010409We didn’t end up getting any pictures of the farm Mom chose which was right across the street from the farm that was the family choice. I guess it was getting too late by then. We bought plenty of apples (used later for applesauce and Flat Apple Pie) and we saw the Highland beef cows with the curly hair and the long horns.

Until next time . . .


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