Surgery Time

Hi everyone,

What do you think of my outfit? Jazzy head covering sporting bright yellow bananas. A very hip temperature strip stuck to my forehead. A soft hospital shirt covered in rocket ships. Bright new PJ bottoms, and fuzzy bright blue socks with no skid tread.P1010411I went in a few weeks ago for an adenoidectomy. What a big fancy name for the little things they took out. The ENT doctor said that he thought that the surgery most likely did the trick. You see, every year for the past few years when I get a cold I have hearing loss. It gets pretty bad especially during January, February, and March.

When the ENT finished the surgery and came in and talked to Mom and Dad he said that it went well and that he wasn’t surprised I had the symptoms that I did. He said that my adenoids weren’t even infected or inflamed or anything and there was very little room for my ear tubes to drain so he could imagine that when they were infected and swelled up there wasn’t anywhere for the fluid to go.

The recovery nurse was amazed at how well I did coming out of anesthesia. She had prepared Mom and Dad for me to be crazy, wild and flailing all over. I did a bit of moving around but really I just curled up in the fetal position and held tight to Mom and Dad. Anesthesia, what a funny thing.

Later that day while recovering at home look what happened to get delivered. A cookie bouquet from Grandma!! Yum!P1010412 Until next time . . .


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