Pickin’ Pumpkins

Hi everyone,

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! You know you have to have a strategy when picking the perfect pumpkin. This year my strategy was to pick the biggest pumpkin I could find.


Searching and searching and searching for the perfect one.


Still searching.


Here it is! This is it! Right here! I want this one!


Now let’s see if I can pick this up by myself. Just let me get myself ready. Just another second.


Umphfff. Bend at the knees. Lift with your legs. I can do this.


Time to call in the reinforcements.


And no wonder I had to call in reinforcements! 29 pounds!!

Mom picked her perfect pumpkin. She knows how to pick her pumpkin in style. Boots, parka, handbag . . . I guess you can’t really see the handbag because it’s in the wheelbarrow but trust me, it’s there.P1010439Dad found his too! They all ended up being more on the gigantic side.P1010444We can’t forget the annual  picture with the measuring stick pumpkin. Missin’ the puppy dog in this one, but look how much I’ve grown.P10104201Can’t forget to give some Momma love!    P1010435And some caramel apple sundae love!P1010449 P1010446 P1010447Until next time . . .


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