Harvest Time

Hi everyone,

Did I post pictures yet of our actual pumpkin carving? Sometimes I forget what I’ve shared and what’s still left to share.

This year I decided to go outside the box for pumpkin carving. Mom, she stayed traditional, but both Dad and I wanted to do something different.P1010532I chose a carving of a VW bus to base my pumpkin “look” on. It required me to draw it onto my pumpkin, but it required Dad being willing to carve the entire thing. He loves me, so he agreed. His was a carving of all the numbers and letters that had to do with the trip to NY and the purchase of the DART. He had to have snapped 20 pictures at least of his pumpkin because all four sides (if you can say that a pumpkin has “sides”) had a different thing carved on them.

P1010562Do you like how Mom’s pumpkin looks nervous because my pumpkin is “driving” up behind her?

There was also the traditional porch picture taking session. This year was a bit sad because again, there was no dog to sit with me. I hear that Mom and Dad have started looking into getting another dog sometime within the next year so maybe next harvest time we’ll have another puppy to join me.P1010584Until next time . . .


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