Birthday Bowling

Hi everyone,

Hey there! It’s been a while. Since I last talked with you a lot of things have come and gone. We’ve had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. Maybe what I should do is stick with the current and then go backwards to catch you up.

Today I had my first ever birthday party. All the other years I’ve just had one friend over to dinner but this year I was able to pick a few friends and decide whether we should go skating, to a play place, or bowling. I bet from the title of this post that you can figure out what I picked.P1010706P1010713P1010712P1010714Both Mom and Dad bowled too. We overlapped each other so I got to bowl at the same time as both of them! Mom loves this picture the most of any taken tonight. Her two guys!

P1010720For my cake I requested an airplane. Well, really the first cake I requested was an aircraft carrier, but then I changed it a few days later to an airplane. I thought maybe Mom would just do a scene with some sugar cookie airplanes flying over it, instead she was able to make an airplane shaped cake!! The picture I showed her was of a bomber and she was able to make it pretty close to the picture. I was even able to help her decide where to put the gunner’s in the front and tail section. I loved how the candles lit up like guns blazing!

P1010725P1010735P1010736Did you want to see a picture of the table with all the food, party favors, and plane shaped sugar cookies? Sorry. Those pictures didn’t seem to transfer off of the camera. How about a picture of Mom bowling? Sorry. Those pictures didn’t seem to make it either. Mom said we could go bowling again but I think it would be too much work to re-enact everything just for a picture of table.

I’ll see you in a few days to go backwards in my updating.

Until next time . . .


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