Fowl 5K

P1010581Hi Everyone,

I was waiting and waiting to get my posts lined up from oldest to newest but I just don’t seem to have as much time these days so I thought I’d not worry about timeframe and just get them posted.

Back in mid-November our area puts on a 5K and a 10K. For the past few years I have competed in the 5K with Mom running beside me. I’ve always had a lot of fun and enjoyed the pumpkin pie at the finish line.

This year was a bit different. In case you didn’t notice in the picture above, both of my knees are skinned up. That didn’t happen before the race, it happened during the race.

We were about to the halfway point when I lost my footing and tripped and fell on the chunky asphalt. It was not pretty. I managed to pull myself together after walking it off and make the choice to keep going. I held Mom’s hand while we ran and I sure am glad I did because I went down a second time. Yes, a second time. Mom managed to keep me fairly upright but I did get a scrap down one of my shins that didn’t draw any blood. Well, the second fall just about sent me over the edge. Mom thought that maybe we should just turn around and head back but I was bound and determined to finish the race. We started jogging again and I crossed the finish line with blood running down both my legs and a tear stained face.

I improved my time from last year, scrapes and falls and all, and there was still pumpkin pie there for me. We even won of the random prize drawing pumpkin pies!

Until next time . . .


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