Road Trip Arizona!

Hi everyone,

We decided to drive down to the Grand Canyon since it would be way cheaper than flying the whole family there. Then you have the hassle of a rental car and yada yada yada. That’s what I’m told anyway. We stopped off in this little podunk town to use the bathroom. Holy moly! You talk about a huge hot fudge sundae. It was almost as tall as my head!2It took three of us to get every last bit of whipped cream, ice cream, and hot fudge scraped out of the dish.

You already know about us finally getting to Arizona and waking up in our hotel room on Christmas morning with a little tree and presents. Mom wanted to make it as much like home as possible so she whipped up a batch of cream cheese cinnamon rolls before we left home and carried them all 1,500 miles in the car. We enjoyed those along with a really nice spread for a hotel continental breakfast.

After a swim in the pool it was time for Mom and Dad to get packed up for their hike. Grandma and I went up to the Grand Canyon with them so we could drop them off and have Christmas dinner together. We ate at El Tovar, the fancy restaurant right on the edge of the canyon. It wasn’t bad but I don’t know if Mom and Dad would pay so much to eat there again.IMG_8846I know the picture below is dark, but it sure was a beautiful view from our dinner table.IMG_8852

IMG_8860IMG_8829This was the view from Mom and Dad’s room. I really wanted to stay with them for Christmas night because there was more than enough room for me, but then that would have meant that I would have had to head out on the trail the next morning with them.

Do you see the snow on the ground? I know you are thinking, what, snow in Arizona?IMG_8830Until next time . . .


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