Grand Canyon – Upper South Kaibab

Hi everyone,

After watching the sunrise they hopped over to the shuttle bus so they could get to the trailhead. It was a pretty short bus ride and then it was time to hit the trail.IMG_8890A look at the switchbacks from above . . .IMG_8892A look at the switchbacks from below!IMG_8894An amazing amphitheater!IMG_8895Oh Ah Point – a well deserving name!IMG_8897It was somewhat difficult to get a picture of both together since they didn’t take a tripod. Do you like the rock the camera is sitting on showing up in the forefront of the picture?IMG_8901This is a mule train that they saw farther along the trail. They were coming up and Mom and Dad hadn’t reached them yet. They look little and far away, don’t they? 46This is how far away they really were. The telephoto lens actually didn’t do too bad of a job. Oh, wait, can you see them? They are that little tiny dot on the upper part of the switchback.47And here they are, really close up. Mom and Dad finally met up with them (the second train at least) and they stopped for a break at the same spot.51This is already a lot of pics so how about we continue this tomorrow?

Until next time . . .


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