Grand Canyon – Lower South Kaibab

Hi everyone,

The red earth layer seemed to go on and on and on. You can see the skinny trail running along the spine of the ridge.IMG_8910The first glimpse of water. Don’t get too close to the edge though.IMG_8911Look how teeny tiny Dad looks.IMG_8912Bright Angel campground and the Ranger buildings are down at the bottom of the canyon. Not there yet, but getting close.IMG_8914The Black Bridge – There were two bridges crossing the Colorado River. This was the one that the mules went over because it had wood beams across the center. The Silver Bridge only had metal grating which wouldn’t have calmed the mules down one bit.IMG_8915Through the tunnel and over the bridge to Phantom Ranch we go, the mules know the weigh to carry the . . . Oh wait, wrong song.IMG_8916Until next time . . .


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