Grand Canyon – Ribbon Falls

Hi everyone,

For the one day that they had down in the canyon Mom wanted to hike around and check out some of scenery but Dad wanted to stick close to Phantom Ranch. He wanted to make sure his legs made it out of the canyon the next day.

The only problem was that neither of them wanted Mom to go on a 14 mile hike to Ribbon Falls on her own. Especially not knowing what the trail was like and what was out there. Problem solved when they found a group of 20 something Amish kids going that same day (and they happened to be leaving right at the same time). Mom tagged along with them and got to know a few of the women who were in the group, one who was also a teacher. She learned some interesting things about their life, that’s for sure.IMG_8927Another one of those amazing amphitheaters! Mom was so impressed that the canyons just kept going and going and going. Kind of like our mountain peaks and ridges that keep going and going and going once you drive past the initial first layer.IMG_8929And here is Ribbon Falls! Seven miles of fairly even trail (just a little bit of up and then down at the end) through the box. If Mom hadn’t been with the group of Amish she probably would have just admired it from afar, but seeing the girls scrabbling up the rock in their dresses and bonnets made her realize that she owed it to herself to get a closer look.IMG_8930She climbed up underneath the fall, kind of where you see the top of that green mossy layer. The group had lunch up there. It was pretty awesome!IMG_8933One of my favorite pictures from the trip! Sunlight shining through the waterfall!IMG_8935Twin pools at the midpoint of the fall.IMG_8938Love the erosion that is happening from the water cascading down.IMG_8941Mom headed back to Phantom Ranch on her own. The trail was pretty empty on the way there but on the way back there were quite a few parties of backpackers heading up to Cottonwood Campground. She was very excited to see the large trees that signaled she had reached Phantom Ranch again.

Here is her one selfie to document that she was there!IMG_8946Until next time . . .


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