Grand Canyon – Bright Angel Trail

Hi everyone,

One last sunrise down in the canyon. So pretty!IMG_8948 IMG_8949Beauty abounded on the trail out of the canyon. The Silver Bridge was a little unnerving for Mom. It was before dawn when they crossed it so the river in the pre-dawn light flowing under the metal grate under their feet was a little nerve racking.IMG_8956Frozen waterfalls . . .IMG_8958IMG_8960Flowing waterfalls . . .IMG_8963Layer upon layer of rock. The red layer kept going and going and going. After hiking for a few hours, Mom and Dad thought for sure they were higher than they really were. When they stopped to take a look they were surprised that there was still a lot of red and then the tan layer to climb up.IMG_8968IMG_8973Just like someone took a saw and cut layers in the rock. Tan stacked right on top of the red layer.IMG_8974And if you wanted to see just how huge that wall was . . . this doesn’t even come close to showing it.IMG_8975One more cut out tunnel to go through before the top.IMG_8976The return to the top couldn’t have had more perfect weather. A little bit of cloud cover made it a great temperature for the seven and a half hour hike. The clouds were also perfect for picture opportunities that showed the variation of the rock layers. When the sun was shining brightly it disguised the depth of the canyons and ridges.IMG_8983And who wouldn’t celebrate a major hike without enjoying some grub? Of all the things that Mom and Dad experienced on their hike, this was the one thing that I was able to take part in.IMG_8984Do you like my mountain lion souvenir? I had to walk away with something, right?

Until next time . . .


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