Upping the Lego Levels

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t mentioned this recently but the space on our family blog is almost used up. Mom and Dad don’t want to pay for space on the world wide web so I’m thinking that sooner rather than later this posting thing is going to be coming to an end. All things must come to an end, right? I just want those few of you who actually still read this blog to be prepared for what will inevitably be coming.

Until then, I’ll keep posting a picture or two each time which might allow me to post a little longer than if I post a myriad of pictures on each post.

P1010801 So this is the next generation of Legos. What do you think? They are called Technix and they are a bit more complicated than the traditional Legos. I chose to use my Christmas and birthday gift cards to Toys R Us to purchase them. They have working gears, the landing gear goes up and down, and the cockpit lifts up. I was pretty excited to get it put together and fly it around! It did test my patience a little more than the traditional setups though. There was more than once that I was asked to take a break while putting it together.

Until next time . . .


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