Olympic Skier

Hi everyone,

Is there a kid out there who has not acted out at least one Olympic event in the course of their childhood? Summer Games, Winter Games, it doesn’t matter which. These times give us the chance to see sports we might not normally be accustomed to seeing.

Mom was telling me about when she was a kid and she and her friends would act out the Summer Games gymnastics events on the front lawn. Folding up towels as a balance beam or acting as a border for the mat routines. I giggled when I heard that.

My favorites from the Winter Games were cross country skiing, the biathlon, and the bobsled. It helped that we have the Nordic Track in our living room. I popped the wooden skies out of the track and Dad cut down Mom’s old ski poles for me. I think Mom was pretty impressed when I fashioned my rifle out of Tinker Toy pieces and used my little backpack as a holder.

Below you can see me positioned for my “shooting”.P1010840Afterward I quickly repack my rifle while heading to my skis.P1010841Skiing off to the next lap.P1010842Ahhh, the joys of being a kid! Bobsled didn’t go so well for us. I got Dad to be a part of my two man bobsled team and as he was hopping into the “bobsled” we heard a thump. He spent the next hour fixing the couch that was broken. Oops.

Until next time . . .


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