Hi everyone,

As part of Dad’s birthday celebration we decided to go tubing. Awesome!

018It was soooooo different from when Mom was a kid. She was telling me about how they used to go up to the pass with their big truck tire inner tubes, hot chocolate in a thermos, goodies to eat, and just pile out of the vehicles and start sliding. Now you have to buy an expensive pass to tube for a two hour window. Two hours! You can’t even bring your own tubes. They have fancy ones with covers that you can use.Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cool using the rope tow but we only used it a couple of times because the line was always so long it was quicker to just walk to the top with the tube.

019022030Even with all the differences it was still a blast! I think Dad enjoyed his birthday and I know I enjoyed my first experience with inner tubing in the snow.

Until next time . . .


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